Students and Parents Support

Social Work Service provided by The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council

  • Service time: Monday and Thursday, 8:30am to 5:15pm
  • Telephone: 2435 3870
  • The scope of services is to identify students and parents with social, emotional and family difficulties and provide them with support, counselling or counselling interviews.

Caritas On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services

  • Inter-disciplinary service teams from the non-governmental organization (NGOs) provide on-site services for pre-school children with mild disabilities.
  • Inter-disciplinary service teams also render support services to teachers and parents.
  • Children on the waiting list of the Social Welfare Department (SWD)'s central referral system are given priority. If there is vacancy, NGOs may exercise flexibility to provide services for children who are waiting for assessment by Child Assessment Centres, provided that the number of these children does not exceed 10% of the team's service capacity.

Education services for Non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students

  • We provide appropriate support to Non-Chinese speaking students to help them learn Chinese and build a multicultural and inclusive environment.
  • Promote different types of learning and activities for Non-Chinese speaking students and strengthen communication with parents of Non-Chinese speaking students.
  • Language proficiency assessment for Non-Chinese speaking students.
  • Provide traning for teacher about the teaching skills of teach Chinese language for Non-Chinese speaking students.
  • Telephone: 2449 9879 / Email: