Core Values of Catholic Education

Core Values of Catholic Education

The Catholic Church has been contributing positively to the civilization of mankind. One approach is to provide all-round holistic education, through schools of all levels and universities, for the pursuit of true happiness in life.

The Catholic Church in Hong Kong has endeavoured to provide education for well over a century. Catholic schools have fostered the holistic growth of students by upholding the truth, by championing justice, by practising the virtue of charity, by valuing life dearly and by reinforcing the family values. They have developed students' full potential to contribute to the betterment of Hong Kong society.

The Catholic Church views education as a mission, not an occupation, and the school as an organic community filled with love and vitality, not an institution. Staff of Catholic schools are always willing to fulfil their calling as shepherds and faithful stewards.

To accomplish their mission, Catholic schools guide their students in developing a moral outlook on life in accordance with the teachings of the Gospel of Christ and the essence of the traditional Chinese culture. They nurture their students to be wholesome in body, mind and soul, to have good taste and to dare to innovate, to love others as themselves, and to be good citizens for life, capable of discerning right and wrong and showing moral courage.

In this light, Catholic schools place great emphasis on nurturing students in such a way that they will:

  • pursue and embrace truth with fervour;
  • uphold justice before God and in their community, to advance the common good;
  • model themselves on Christ, love others as themselves and care for the needy and the vulnerable;
  • affirm the supreme value of life, living out its full meaning
  • honour their parents, love and respect their spouse and foster filial harmony in the family.