General Information

School Environment

Our school is located in St. Thomas Apostle Church in Tsing Yi. It covers an area of 1,250 square metres and has seven standard classrooms. The indoor venue is wide and has a small hall, music room, computer room, library, gallery and muti-function room.



Our school consist of K1 to K3 half day classes to the 3 to 6 years old children.

Classes for 2021-2022

Nursery Class (K1) 2 1
Lower Class (K2) 3 2
Upper Class (K3) 2 2


School Time

Monday to Friday *No class on Saturdays

A.M. Class : 9:00am to 12:00pm

P.M. Class : 1:30pm to 4:30 pm



School Fee

Our School has joined the "Kindergarten Education Scheme", students who hold the "Certificate for Kindergarten Admission" do not need to pay school fee.


2021-2022 Textbooks and Stationery Price List

Nursery Class (K1) 

1st Term  Miscellaneous fee $416.8 (Detail)   Art materials Fee $121.9 (Detail)

2nd Term Miscellaneous fee $280 (Detail)   Art materials Fee $50 (Detail)

Lower Class (K2)

1st Term  Miscellaneous fee $453.6 (Detail)   Art materials Fee $88 (Detail)

2nd Term Miscellaneous fee $320 (Detail)   Art materials Fee $20 (Detail)

Upper Class (K3)

1st Term  Miscellaneous fee $434 (Detail)   Art materials Fee $110 (Detail)

2nd Term Miscellaneous fee $390 (Detail)   Art materials Fee $40 (Detail)


2021-2022 Refreshment fee

$80/month  *Due to the epidemic situation, no refreshments are provided


2021-2022 Summer Uniform

  • Uniform for Boys (short sleeve shirt & shorts)  $104
  • Uniform for Girls (short sleeve dress)  $103
  • Sport Uniform Set (T-shirt & shorts)  $101
  • Cardigan  $106

2021-2022 Winter Uniform 

  • Yellow Long-sleeved Shirt  $65
  • Skirt with badge  $106
  • Trousers $112
  • Sport Uniform Set (T-shirt & shorts)  $140
  • Cardigan  $110
  • Jacket with badge $210