Our school curriculum

To foster children’s balanced development in the domains of ethics, intellectual, physical, social skills, aesthetics and religion. We have a “corner time” which makes learning interesting and fun, letting them use different senses to explore. We integrate drama in our theme-based learning, which helps break the limitations of traditional learning and lets children achieve physical, mental, emotional and social development. Our NET teacher uses games, songs, stories, etc. to strengthen children’s use of English, communication skills and confidence. In our “learning corner” students can learn by themselves through the games. We integrate English and Phonics in our curriculum. Children can benefit from our English environment and learn the language through our series of story books, rhymes, songs, and teaching aids. Children learn useful vocabulary, sentence structures and improve their abilities for listening, speaking, reading and writing.

We follow the "Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide" (2017) to plan curriculum. Children of nursery classes will not be asked to write, and there will not be mechanical copying exercises and drills on calculation.



In our curriculum we include the element of drama, which is interesting and attractive for students and, at the same time, helps them become creative and imaginative. Drama also enhances their mental needs, nurtures emotions, language expression, problem-solving and builds up confidence. Teachers include drama in different activities like music, free-play corner, physical education, story sharing or role-play.



Students can learn by themselves through different activities during our corner time which helps them develop moral values, language skills, emotion control, sensory exploration, physical strength, creativity, social skills, intelligence and also religious values.


Life Education

We won the “Sixth and Ninth Hong Kong Green School Award” and the “Healthy Kindergarten Award Scheme” Silver Award. We have a spacious enclosed orchard where we plant vegetables and students are exposed and connected to nature. We use the “cultivation curriculum” to arouse our students' learning interest in a variety of fields, i.e. the development of language, early childhood Mathematics, sense of exploration, religious education, Green education and Social ethical sense, providing a real-life, sensory and interesting experience. Children develop healthy dining habits, moral values and learn to cherish and respect their lives.